It's one of the hazards of being out on the road-- and the Eli  Young Band was the latest to experience this roadside catastrophe.

Yes, the dreaded bus fire struck the Eli Young Band as their convoy was headed across the fruited plains of the central U.S.

According to a post on their Instagram page, the Eli Young band posted a photo of their bus and trailer, both engulfed in flames. It's a pretty harrowing photo!

Their Instagram post said, "Our bus caught fire tonight right outside of Topeka, KS. We've lost more than a bus here. There are memories and possessions that we can't replace! It's really sad to see her go. We're just happy that our driver, Randy, is safe!"

Which is, of course, the best news. No word on whether the blaze impacted their touring schedule-- it's gotta be quite the undertaking to get all that equipment ordered and replaced-- but we'll keep you posted.

Travel safely, guys!


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