Just a friendly reminder that a bridge MANY of us drive over each day in Rochester, Minnesota is going to be closed starting Monday, October 11th.


Elton Hills Bridge Closed for about 9 Months Starting October 11th

The bridge that I've been leary of since the cement barricades went up years ago is finally getting fixed.  Unfortunately, that fix means we are going to need to figure out another way to get over the body of water that splits Rochester in half.  And, we are going to need to change our route for about 9 months because this project is going to last until July 2022.


According to the public works website, here's what is being planned:

  • Construction will begin October 11, 2021 and last through June 30, 2022.
  • Elton Hills Drive will be completely closed to all traffic at the bridge.
  • Vehicle traffic will be detoured to 13th Street NW via 3rd Avenue NW and Broadway Avenue North.
  • Pedestrian and cyclists will be detoured to the pedestrian bridge north of Elton Hills Drive via sidewalks along West River Parkway NW and the Zumbro North Trail.

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When will the North Broadway project be done in Rochester, Minnesota?

Great question!  My daily commute is impacted by this too on my way too and from work and I get the frustration with having this huge chunk of road closed on a major road in Rochester.  I gripe and complain a lot about construction but this project seems to be moving along fairly well and I'm truly impressed with how traffic is still able to flow around the project on side roads fairly easily.

If you haven't already, check out the City of Rochester Construction Impact map.  It is a great tool to see where traffic is impacted because of current projects.  Broadway is still very much red but at some point soon it should be going back to green and traffic will be flowing again.

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