Eric Church performed this new uncut song that he wrote about his grandfather struggling with Alzheimer's disease at the Country Radio Annual Seminar in Nashville, performed at the legendary Ryman Auditorium.

Though Church's new single "Like a Wrecking Ball" is climbing the charts, he chose to play "something nobody's ever heard before," inspired by his grandfather, who developed Alzheimer's disease when Church was a boy. "The hardest thing was to have a relationship when that person doesn't remember you," Church told the crowd, but he went on to resolve that difficulty in the song's poignant lyrics: "He doesn't have to know me 'cause I know who he is."
Church Choir members (his official fan club) we're thrilled to see this video surface! [WATCH]

NOTE: the sound quality is not the best, but if you listen to it a couple times it will help you resolve the message, which is VERY STRONG!

Eric Church and his poignant song dealing with Alzheimer's disease.


Church Choir members (his official fan club) some of the most loyal & passionate in country music!

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Eric Church - Like a Wrecking Ball - Lyrics