The new music just keeps on coming from country superstar Eric Church's upcoming studio album, Desperate Man. On the heels of releasing a series of tracks of the new album as well as snippets of music, the singer has shared another full song, and this time around, the track delves into the monsters that people face, in childhood and beyond.

"I've learned that the monsters ain't the ones beneath the bed," Church sings in the chorus of "Monsters," driving home his message that while it may be easy to scare off childhood monsters with a comforting parent, the demons of adulthood are not so easily conquered. As a parent of young children who has also faced some of the scarier aspects of being a grown up in the past couple years, the country star knows what he's talking about.

While some of the songs previously shared off of Desperate Man have addressed the importance of having a strong family foundation, or celebrated the comforts of home, the more stripped-down "Monsters" is a sparse, stripped-down meditation on fear.

The song marks the seventh track Church has teased or outright released off of Desperate Man. Prior to "Monsters," he shared another snippet of new music, "Higher Wire." Fans can also get a taste of four more forthcoming tracks: "Some of It," "Hippie Radio," "Solid" and "Hangin' Around." Church also released another new song, "Heart Like a Wheel," in its entirety, as well as releasing the album's title track as a single. Desperate Man is slotted for release on October 5.

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