It's never fun to hurt yourself. But it's even less fun when you hurt yourself and not have any idea what you did!


Sometimes, after you hurt yourself, there's a good story involved. (Now, I'm not talking about SERIOUSLY injuring yourself here, just those nagging 'weekend warrior'-type things.)

A few years ago, I wiped out while on my mountain bike and had a pretty bad case of road rash. Or there was that time I was using the drill, the bit broke and I ended up drilling right into my pointer finger...

At least those injuries made for a good story.

The past weekend, though, I did something to my lower back -- I could barely hobble around the rest of the day Saturday without wincing -- and I have no idea what I did. Seriously.

What's up with that?!?  And I mean, this was some intense pain, too.

I first noticed it when I was wrapping up our live broadcast at the Deer Creek Car Show at Clement's Chevrolet around noon on Saturday. At my wife's suggestion, when I got home, I applied some heat. That finally loosened things up enough that I could walk around without stooping the rest of the day Saturday.

But it was still a little sore yesterday, and it's still sore today, too. And I still have no idea what I did to strain it.

Other than getting old, that is. Sheesh!

Have you ever hurt yourself and didn't know what you did?

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