I never really appreciated novels until I went to college. I took a lit class during my first semester of Freshman year and my love for classic novels grew. My favorite... The Great Gatsby. When I was on my flight back to Minnesota, I made a friend and she told me F. Scott Fitzgerald had a lot of connections to Minnesota. After doing a simple Google search, I found out she was right.

House F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in
481 Laurel Ave (Google Maps)

According to Fitzgerald in Saint Paul, the famous author lived in a lot of areas of St. Pual throughout his life. This website says he was born in his parent's apartment which was located at 481 Laurel Avenue on September 24, 1896. This location is now marked as a historical site and was just sold in 2018.

F. Scott Fitzgerald School
25 Dale Street North (Google Maps)

Fitzgerald attended Sait Paul Academy, which was located at 25 Dale Street North. The site says at the age of 13 he had his short story published in the school magazine. This means that writing has been in his blood from a young age.

F. Scott Fitzgerald House
294 Laurel Avenue (Google Maps)

If you have read the novel the Great Gatsby, you are probably wondering how Fitzgerald got the setting of New York. Apparently his father worked in New York for some time and his family lived there. The site says that his dad lost his job in 1908 and they moved back to St. Paul. The family was separated for some time then eventually moved into their 294 Laurel Avenue home together.

F. Scott Fitzgerald House
626 Goodrich Avenue (Google Maps)

Throughout his college life and adulthood, Fitzgerald moved to a lot of places in St. Paul. He always found himself back to where his life started. The last place he lived was at 626 Goodrich Avenue. Here he lived with his wife and daughter. He worked in downtown St. Paul and during this time he published The Beautiful and the Damned. They then moved away.

Rumor has it one of these houses you can rent on Airbnb, but I have not found which one yet. As soon as I do, I'll let you know!

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