We all have go-to drinks for different occasions or different locations we frequent. Usually, if we go to a coffee shop, we get the same drink... or if we go to the same bar, we get the same cocktail. With folks preparing for the big storm this weekend, we asked our listeners what drink helps them get through a cold winter day and here are some of the responses we got from folks in Minnesota.

1. Hot Chocolate

This is a great goto when it comes to snowstorms. My parents would always have marshmallows, whipping cream and other toppings for our hot chocolate.


2. The Adult Hot Chocolate

Spiked hot chocolate! Yummy! This is my type of hot chocolate. Nothing makes a snowstorm go by faster than a little buzz.


3. Classic Adult Hot Chocolate

Bailey's is great with hot chocolate. It makes it even more creamy while adultifying a classic drink!

4. Chai Tea or Apple Cider

Even though these are everyday drinks for many of us, they still make for a great cold day pick me up!


No matter what is going on outside coffee is a great drink! Of course, it will help you get through even the worse of the storms! I'll be drinking this all weekend long!

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