This Thanksgiving, if you would like something fresh and new, get creative and cook your bird one of five different ways.

The classic way to cook a turkey is roasting. I have also tried roasting the bird upside down (the meat is definitely more moist and tender).  According to PBS, roasting has some advantages; it is the most appealing option, and you can control the temperature.

If you are looking for a super juicy cooking option, brining could be a good choice. This technique involves bathing the bird in saltwater, seasoning, and infusing with moisture. If you combine brining with other cooking methods; you will take your bird to the next level.

Smoking your turkey on an outdoor grill can be simple, but very time consuming.  Close the lid and rotate it every hour.  Placing aromatics and herbs on top of the wood chips can add unique flavors.

Nowadays, you hear of everything deep fried: pickles, cheese, peppers, even your Thanksgiving turkey!

Deep frying is one of the fastest cooking methods; it takes well under an hour.  There is no basting required, (which really appeals to me).  Simple and easy, it keeps the turkey juicy throughout. Rachael Ray says that speed is on your side with this method, it takes about 45 minutes to deep fry a 12-pound turkey. So in the time it takes to smoke or roast a single bird, you can deep fry a couple turkeys.

Crispy, charred skin, ooh, I can taste it now! Grilling your turkey is a great option, if you want to keep the heat out of the kitchen and have space in the oven for all the tasty sides. Dividing the bird into breast halves, leg quarters and wings decreases the cooking time and ensures that each part is cooked to the correct temperature.

So many choices, roasting, brining, smoking, deep frying, and grilling, which one is best for your Thanksgiving feast?

If you decide to cook a turkey, whatever option you choose, enjoy your holiday with family, friends and good food!

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