Seeing as today is President Obama's last day in office, I'm looking back on this Flashback Friday on my favorite moment of his presidency: the Beer Summit.

US President Barack Obama (R) sits along
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

You remember the 'Beer Summit,' don't you? It happened only six months into President Obama's tenure as president, on July 30, 2009.

It was in response to what was a big story at the time-- the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. by Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley. Gates, of course, is black, and Crowley is white. And, Gates' arrest, of course, sparked "tensions and racial furor," according to this story.

Without getting into the specifics (and the politics) involved, the 'Beer Summit' is my favorite moment because I enjoyed the notion that even our country's highest elected official thought there was some merit to kicking back and discussing things over a cold brew.

Why, that's something regular Joe's like you or I might do; it wasn't something high-level leaders usually did. I'm not sure, looking back, that the 'Beer Summit' actually accomplished anything meaningful, but I still enjoyed the notion (and subsequent photos) of President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden plus Crowley and Gates, all enjoying a brewski (and some pretzels and peanuts) on a nice summer day in the White House Rose Garden.

And just what beer did they drink? Well, this story says Obama had a Bud Light, Biden had the non-alcoholic Bucklers, Crowley had a Blue Moon, and Gates enjoyed a Sam Adams Light.

So, there you go: the White House 'Beer Summit.' Because anytime anyone wants to get together over a beer, I'm all for it!

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