Being able to exist in our brutally cold winters here in the Bold North is one of the badges of honor of living here in Minnesota. Well, that, and making fun of other parts of the country who can't quite handle even a little cold weather.

Take, for instance, the folks down in the South. This week, they've been dealing with some parts of the winter season they don't usually encounter: that'd be temperatures dropping below (gasp!) freezing, as well as some accumulating snow.

Now, while those two things usually happen here in Minnesota sometime in early November (and perhaps even late October), we're made for it here; it's no big deal for us.

Not the case down South, however. They're literally freaking out at how 'cold' it's been down there. And, as you might guess, local weather folk are leading the charge. I'll give them that it's probably much colder than they're used to down there, but it's not even close to our winter weather.

Check out how freaked out Greg Dee is. He's a meteorologist for a local Tampa TV station, and he's thinking this cold snap they're experiencing is 'off the charts'... literally. Check it what he posted on Twitter yesterday:

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