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If you're taking to the skies from Minnesota, a new boarding procedure that starts today could affect your trip!

Many flights leaving from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, whether you're flying from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), Rochester International Airport (RST), or other airports, are often on Delta Airlines, thanks to Minneapolis being one of their big hubs.

But not ALL flights are on Delta, of course. So if you happen to be flying on United Airlines, there's a new boarding procedure that's being implemented today (Thursday, October 26th) and will likely affect when you can get on the plane.

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Ordinarily, I don't mind boarding last-- it means less time sitting on the plane, after all-- mainly because my wife and I usually only bring on a small bag we can stow under the seat. But if you're traveling with a bigger bag that needs to be stowed in the overhead compartments, getting on the plane sooner is often better before those overhead bins are full.

Here's where United's new boarding procedure could affect things. According to a story from the travel site, the Points Guy, United is set to roll out something called 'WILMA' which is short for window, middle, aisle.

According to WILMA, those with regular economy window seats board first, then middle seats, and finally aisle seats. (Those are all after those with disabilities, service members, first-class passengers, premiere/gold star members, and others board first, as is already the case.)

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Fox 32 in Chicago, United's home city, says the airline is making this change to speed up the boarding process, and that in test markets where WILMA has been implemented, boarding has been around two minutes faster.

Here are the new groups, according to The Points Guy:

The new boarding groups are as follows:

  • Preboarding
    Customers with disabilities
    Unaccompanied minors
    Active military members
    Global Services members
    Anyone flying with children 2 or younger
    Premier 1K members
  • Group 1
    Premier Platinum and Gold members
    Star Alliance Gold members
    Travelers in United Polaris, United First and United Business cabins
  • Group 2
    Premier Silver members
    Star Alliance Silver members
    Travelers with Premier Access or priority boarding
    Select cobranded credit card holders
  • Group 3
    Window seats
    Exit row seats
    Nonrevenue travelers
  • Group 4
    Middle seats
  • Group 5
    Aisle seats
  • Group 6
    Basic economy customers (in eligible markets only)

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