The Med City has been around for awhile, having been incorporated as a city back in 1858. But even now, nearly 160 years later, there are several signs from Rochester’s more recent past that are still visible today.

Ever since I got a Fitbit last year, I’ve been trying diligently to hit its suggested goal of walking 10,000 steps a day. And, seeing as the Quick Country 96.5 Worldwide Headquarters are located right in downtown Rochester, I’ve been heading out on a half-hour walk after I leave the station each afternoon.

And those regular walks have taken me by some cool old buildings that, while still around today, were once built for something entirely different, if the signs on them are any guide. And being a self-proclaimed history geek, I’m always interested in things that give us a glimpse into what things were once like right here in southeast Minnesota.

Now, while I haven’t found anything quite 158 years old, take a look at these signs I've noticed from many years gone by, right here in the Med City. Do you recognize any of these?


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