So many crimes go unsolved... especially the ones that were committed before we had all this amazing technology that we have now. I have stumbled across four terrifying unsolved crimes that happened in Minnesota. Here is a summary of them.

1. The Murder of Helen Brach

I recently posted about the ghost stories that have been told about the Kahler Hotel in Rochester. A lot of those stories point to the ghost of Helen Brach. As the story goes, Brach was visiting the Mayo Clinic for a check-up in 1977. After getting good results from her check-up, she went shopping at one of the boutiques in downtown Rochester and disappeared. The shop clerk was the last person to see her alive. There are theories about who killed her, but nothing has ever been completely solved.

2. The Disappearance of Hung Lee

St. Paul Police Dept. and Crime Stoppers
St. Paul Police Dept. and Crime Stoppers

According to Crime Stoppers of Minnesota, this crime goes back to 1993. Hung Lee was a student at Highland Park High School in St. Paul and also worked at Wong Cafe. Lee was last seen by a friend after a job interview with a paint company. This is one of the oldest missing person cases in St. Paul that is still opened to this day. There has been no sign of her since that day. "Lee’s mother, now 87, said she has forgiven whoever hurt her daughter, but she wants to know where Hang Lee’s remains are so they can give her a proper funeral and burial," it says on the Crimestoppers website. Submit a tip

3. The Murder of 'Baby Angel' in Winona County

Baby angle
Photo Credit: Crime stoppers

This story is quite unique. Someone was boating on the Mississippi River near Winona on September 5, 2011. Crime Stoppers states that a person came across a plastic bag and a canvas bag that had an infant's body in it. It was a little girl. The infant was given the name "Baby Angel" because inside the bag there were four angle porcelain figurines as well as that necklace you see above. Investigators are still looking for information on the baby and her mom. Submit a tip

4. The Murder of Suzanne Sayles

According to WCCO Suzanne Sayles grew up in Austin, Minnesota. This case was reopened after someone reached out to WCCO. The article says that Sayles had fallen in love with a dentist. She was working as a secretary at the University of Minnesota Dental School and living in an apartment in Minneapolis. When she didn't show up for work one day, friends checked on her. They found her at her apartment strangled and raped in May 1979. There was blood left behind at the crime scene and her family believes she knew the person who killed her. Submit a tip

Hopefully one day there will be answeres for the families of the victims of these unsolved Minnesota crimes.

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