While we were leaning on you to help get through Sunday's horrible news, our pals at Fox 47 stopped by to see how we were doing.

It was mid-morning on Monday when I got a call from Fox 47's Jack Keenan (he's the new host of their Fox In The Morning show). He was wondering how everyone in Quick Country was handling the news of Sunday night's unspeakable tragedy in Las Vegas.

The thing about being involved with country is, more than most other kinds of music, it seems, is that we're all part of a family. Most of today's country artists have performed here in Minnesota multiple times-- some of the them right here in Rochester.

Minnesota is, of course, also home to some great country festivals-- festivals similar to the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. So, when the horrible news broke Sunday, it seemed to hit closer to home for many of us-- if only because perhaps we could have all envisioned being at just such a show.

And so, with your help, we're all processing Sunday's horror and pausing to remember the victims and everyone affected. And, in case you missed it on Fox 47 News at 9 Monday night, here's the story Jack Keenan did with all three of us yesterday...


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