Business owners and Rochester citizens know that there are rules in Rochester when it comes to snow cleanup. Did you know that you can grab free materials to help keep your sidewalk clean?

Mike Eiler/Townsquare Media

I couldn't believe it when I read it either! According to a Public Works Department Release from November 2017,

 The city provides residents a bucket‐worth of free salt/sand mixture at two locations in town*: in northeast behind the Fiesta Café in the Northbrook Shopping Center, and in southwest at the end of 1st Ave SW next to the YMCA.


Unfortunately, residents don't luck out on this one. They explain, "Residents must bring their own supplies as buckets/bags and shovels are not provided by the city. Residents are encouraged to sweep up any salt and sand left on bare pavement to save it for future re‐use and to prevent it from running off into nearby waterways."

Wondering if you're keeping your sidewalk clean enough? Check this out.

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