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If you worked on the frontlines during the early stages of the pandemic, you could be eligible for a bonus check from the state of Minnesota. But the deadline to apply is quickly approaching!

The Minnesota legislature passed an order which was signed by Governor Walz back in May of this year which authorized the state to make extra payments to those Minnesotans who worked on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic. State lawmakers settled on an amount of $500 million dollars to be divided among all eligible frontline workers.

Back in early May, right after the bill passed, I explained just HOW much those bonus checks would be worth:

State officials said in May they expect around 667,000 people across the state will apply for the rewards. Those one-time payments are then likely to be around $750, though could be somewhat smaller or larger, depending on how many people apply.

That sounded good back in May. But ever since the application website has been up and running, way more Minnesotans have applied than state officials first estimated. In fact, state officials now say over one million Minnesotans have applied for those bonus payments.

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And that means that instead of an individual check for $750, state officials now say those bonus checks might be closer to $500. The final amount will be determined by the total number of eligible frontline workers. According to this KSTP story, just because you've applied for that bonus payment doesn't mean you'll automatically get one, however.

After all applications are received, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry will then do verification checks to make sure each applicant is eligible for a bonus payment. The state will then notify you whether your application was accepted-- and whether a check will be coming your way or not.

Here's the important thing to remember: To be eligible, YOU HAVE TO APPLY BY THIS FRIDAY, JULY 20th, 2022 at 5 PM, which is the official Minnesota frontline worker bonus pay deadline.  You can get more information on just WHO is eligible and APPLY for those bonus checks HERE.

One person who won't be applying, however, is former Vikings General Manager, Rick Spielman. Probably because A) he isn't a frontline worker, and B) he likely doesn't even live in Minnesota anymore. He sold his house in Eden Prairie earlier this year, right after the Vikings let him go. But you can still check out what his house looked like... keep scrolling to see the pics!

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