Garth Brooks has certainly been a busy man since 2014. He made a huge "comeback", and his train shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Take a look at his "announcement" that he teased was coming just earlier this afternoon.

So, not too many details just yet, but we can say that we know a few things. Firstly, Garth is releasing a new song called "Pure Adrenaline" and he hopes that new album follows this next year. Secondly, we know he's partnering with CBS for the Game Of The Week to kick off some SEC games. He says, "Go Oklahoma!" and Trisha says, "Go Dawgs!" haha!

We also know that he's working on filing these promos today, at Inside G Studio. It's a cool looking studio! It's not immediately clear if the song release will be tied into Game Of The Week. From what I understand, he might be tweaking it for each team, each week. You might understand that more clearly than I do though.

Kickoff happens on September 3rd.

We'll keep you posted if anything else comes up!


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