It's cold, it gets dark early, so what's better than pizza and a movie? Well, now you can go old school have both delivered to your door here in Rochester!


Sure, binge-watching on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV (and a few others I haven't even heard of) have made it easy to watch some hot new shows without even getting up off the couch. And, of course, On-Demand has been around for even longer, if you have cable or one of the satellite services.

But, thanks to a current offer from two Rochester businesses, you can party like it's 2001 all over again, with pizza AND a movie-- ON DVD, no less-- delivered right to your house.

This 507 Magazine story has all the details about the deal currently being offered by Marco's Pizza and Family Video in Rochester. Order a pizza from Marco’s and give you a free DVD rental from Family Video. And, the story says, if you order another pizza within five days, they’ll even bring the first DVD back to the store for you.


So, yeah. Who needs streaming?!? Now you can get your pizza-and-a-movie on, old school-style! The only problem is... does our DVD player even work anymore?!? (And, do I even know where it is?!?)

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