Going to a Twins game is so much fun. That was one of the very first Minnesota adventures I went on when I moved here. Target field is something special. I went to MLB games growing up and they weren't as fun as going to a Minnesota Twins game.

Bring Me The News claims that you can get your "2020 Twins Pass," for $45 a month if you act fast. Director of Communications for the Twins, Dustin Morse put out this Tweet the other day.

This deal is only available until February 12 the article says. When it comes to payments, your card will only be charged months that the Twins are playing. Baseball season is one of the longest sports seasons out there... March through September. If my math skills are right the whole season would cost you around $270. The catch is the pass only works on regular-season games.

The Twins website says that if you wish to cancel your pass at any time you can. The billing cycle happens on the 24th of each month, so cancellations after that date will be for the next billing cycle. If you wish to buy your pass, you can do it here.

So how does this pass work? The website says that with the pass you can get into every regular-season home game with the exclusion of opening day. The pass doesn't get you a seat, but depending on the game, you can get upgraded to a seat. Ultimately this means you can walk around the ballpark during the game. You can hit up the bars if you are an adult or watch from under the covers. This will give some fun entertainment this summer at a reasonable price.

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