This phenomenon just happened to me twice in the last few weeks while waiting in the checkout line at two Rochester stores.


It's probably happened to you, too. The scenario unfolds like this: You're waiting to check out at local grocery or department store. Like, say, Hy-Vee or Target, because this happened to me at both stores recently.

The lines are kind of long and there aren't many checkout lanes open. (This is no doubt because I tend to run my errands in the early afternoon after leaving the station for the day, and it's often not a very busy time for area stores.)

But then, a mini rush of people all converge on the checkout lanes at the same time, causing some momentarily long lines. The stores, trying to keep things moving, bring up extra team members to open up new check out lanes.

And, what do they do? They say, "I can help you over here!" and then motion for shoppers to join them at the newly-opened lane. Except YOU (or me, in this case) can't move over because there are other shoppers are behind you. So THEY move over to the new line and end up checking out BEFORE YOU, even though YOU have been in line longer!

Has this ever happened to you? It just did to me, twice in the last couple of weeks. In each case, it wasn't all that terrible because I didn't end up waiting all that long, but still-- I was in line first; I should get to check out first, right?!?

Sometimes, a shopper behind me will graciously say I should move over, and then they take my space in line, which is always appreciated. I try to do the same thing if I'm the one who's been in line the shortest. But it doesn't always work out.

I guess it just goes to prove the old adage that life isn't fair. Especially in the checkout line!

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