The Mall of America is already home to a huge Paul Bunyan but now it's also home to the what's no doubt the largest butterfly in Minnesota.

Minnesota icon Paul Bunyan welcomes visitors to the log chute ride at the Mall of America in Bloomington. But it's not the only really big thing there these days. (Big, of course, it pretty much what MOA is all about isn't it?)


But I'm talking about the giant butterfly that now calls MOA home. It's all part of a new art installation MOA unveiled earlier this week, just in time for Earth Day. It's called 'Kaleidoscope,' by artist Christopher Lutter-Gardella and is designed to draw attention to the crisis butterflies and other pollinators are facing these days both here in Minnesota and across the country.

The MOA says the huge display features a 30-foot monarch butterfly surrounded by over 300 other butterflies, all suspended from an atrium skylight in MOA's North Atrium, where it'll be on display through August of this year.

And, in true Earth Day fashion, the installation was made of repurposed and recycled materials, including "700 coat hangers, 600 tasting spoons, 800 yards of fabric and 100 yards of window screen material. Hundreds of volunteers worked with the artist to hand-create every one of the 372 butterflies that surround the Monarch centerpiece," this story noted.

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