This morning General Motors announced a recall on around 640,000 worldwide. According to KTTC, the recall is coming to us because the seatbelts have the potential to start a floorboard fire.

The article says that the new technology in the seatbelts have caused two fires so far, but luckily no one has been injured. If you own a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado, a 2019 GM Sierra 1500, a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado or a GM Sierra 2500 or 3500 you could be in this recall.

The company has new technology in their seatbelts that use explosives and pistons to tighten your seatbelt in a crash. The floorboards on these trucks are carpet. As the seatbelt tightens, it releases gas that is near the floorboard, which is starting the fire.

According to the article, the dealership will fix the recalled parts at no cost to you. The company is still working on getting a plan together on when the recall will start, so you should be notified soon if your pickup truck is in this recall.

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