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The Vikings pretty handily won this round of the Minnesota/Wisconsin border battle, and Minnesota's Governor had a little fun at his Wisconsin counterpart's expense.

While the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers don't own the NFL's oldest rivalry (that'd be held by the Packers and Bears, btw), any time the two teams play each other in a border battle, emotions can run high by fans of both teams.

The Vikings, of course, won the first round of the NFC North border battle Sunday between Minnesota and Wisconsin, soundly beating the Packers 24-10 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

Of course, the Vikings' victory was thoroughly subdued by the news that Vikings quarterback, Kirk Cousins, had suffered an ankle injury midway through the fourth quarter that not only knocked him out of the game but likely out of the rest of the 2023 NFL season, as well.

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However, many Vikings fans were STILL able to get in a few barbs at Packers fans' expense, however. And that group includes Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. The noted Vikings fan was fairly active on his X page (formerly Twitter) during the game on Sunday and lobbed a jab at Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers after time expired and the Vikings emerged victorious.

'Check in on your Wisconsin friends' Walz wrote, and posted a text message he'd sent to Wisconsin Gov. Evers saying, 'You OK?'

Of course, Wisconsin's Gov. Evers responded... with a zing right back at Minnesota's Gov. Walz:

'Doing just fine thanks, Gov. Walz. Let me know if you need to borrow a broom,' Gov. Evers postedwhich is a reference to the second-ranked University of Wisconsin Badger Volleyball Team's three-game sweep of the University of Minnesota Golden Gopher squad, which also took place on Sunday.

Of course, I'm guessing most Minnesotans and Wisconsinites had just a wee bit more invested in the NFL contest between the Vikings and Packers than in the volleyball match between the Gophers and Badgers, right?

So, even though I'm a native Wisconsinite, I'd give the advantage to Minnesota's Gov. Walz on this round. I wonder what might transpire between the two when the Gophers football team hosts the Badgers on November 25th, or when the Vikings host the Packers here in Minnesota on New Year's Eve?

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