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On June 18, 2o21, a woman from Green Bay, Wisconsin, threatened to blow up a wedding venue after she cancelled her wedding, but her ex-fiancé held a party at the venue without her.

<> on July 19, 2011 in Oakland, California.
Justin Sullivan

According to police reports, a party was going on at the Vandervest Harley Davidson (in Howard, Wisconsin, just outside Green Bay) and a 32-year-old woman allegedly made a bomb threat on Facebook, "to bomb and shoot up the building."

Apparently, the wedding was called off because the bride-to-be and the groom got into a fight. The now ex-groom and ex-fiance had paid the money for the fod, drinks, DJ, and venue rental, so he threw a party. Waste not want not, right?

News10 Screen Grab - Link in story
News10 Screen Grab - Link in story

Yes, the venue was in the Harley Davidson building. AN upstairs banquet hall called "The Duck Blind Olde 41."

News 10 reported the ex-fiancé didn't see the Facebook posts and believes the woman is incapable of blowing up a building. It was the bartender that saw the bomb threats and told the venue owner.

The woman denied making the bomb threats.

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The Harley-Davidson dealership in the story sounds pretty fancy, but it's nothing compared to Doc's Harley Davidson, also near Green Bay, that has a Zoo!

Lost Wisconsin Alligator Found Returned to Doc's Zoo (LINK)

I swear the headline is accurate, but you'll have to read the whole story, OK? 😀 About thirty minutes northwest of Green Bay, Wisconsin (GO PACK GO!) is Doc's Zoo. And on Monday, they announced Rex, the alligator, was missing!

I'll bet those are three words you've never seen in the same paragraph: Wisconsin, alligator, and missing. Yet, here we are, talking about an alligator that went missing in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin road sign
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

Anyway, on Monday, this is what Doc's Zoo posted on Facebook,

We are heartbroken that on Saturday May 22nd, one of our alligators went missing from his enclosure."

Terrifying, right? Rex could wander down to Green Bay and feast on the pets and people of the city! No...actually, that's not a concern. Maybe nibble a bit on a snake, but no big bites...

"It is important to know that Rex, the missing gator, is very old & has severe arthritis in his jaws making it very difficult to open his mouth more than an inch. He’s typically very docile & is not a danger to the public."

That's Doc! (USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)
That's Doc! (USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

An alligator with jaw arthritis? If you're like me, your heart went from EEEK to Awwww in a split second. The poor gator, he's old, he's not doing so great, we gotta get Grampa Rex home and cared for!

Well, that's been done. Rex has been found and is back with his friends, Smiley, Fluffy, and Dora. Yes, those are all alligator names. See ALL the animals in Doc's Zoo here

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$15 Million Dollar House in Minnesota That is Going To Make Your Jaw Drop

You know those huge houses that are in movies?  I've always wondered if the mansion where Batman lives is real.  Or you know the party scenes for some of the Mission Impossible movies where there are a ton of people and somewhere in the crowd are the good guys who are trying to find the bad guys?  This house in Minnesota is one of those places and it could be yours for $15 million.  In fact, I'm pretty sure this house could actually be Batman's house because it is on its own island AND you go through a tunnel to get to the 8 stall garage. 
According to Realtor.com, this house in Greenwood, Minnesota is listed by Jessica Prudden with Prudden & Company and as you can see from the photos, it is a masterpiece.  It sits on 1.37 acres, has 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, has almost 14,000 square feet, one of Minnesota's largest residential glass-enclosed atriums, an elevator, movie theater, gym, sauna, locker room, relaxations room, not just one but a double wine room, bar lounge, poker room, and an indoor grotto.

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