Harmony Spirits is one of those success stories you might see in a movie.

Andy, Damon, Jim and Larry met more than a decade ago working at an ethanol plant and their friendships evolved with their drinking choices. Together, they visited craft breweries and distilleries throughout the Midwest, and they even brewed craft beer at home. Their website explains:

"On the way home from visiting one craft distillery, there was discussion about how much fun it would be to have a distillery closer to home. That discussion turned into a plan that led to some serious research. That research turned into a business plan."

They ultimately got the support of 47 investors (their friends and families!) and poured their passion into making the smoothest spirits possible. Today, they operate a tasting room in Harmony, and their spirits are available in Rochester at:

  • All Andy’s Locations
  • All Apollo Locations
  • Tess’s Office
  • Hy-Vee at Barlow Plaza

They haven't forgotten what brought them together: local grains. The grain they use at the distillery is harvested from Andy's family farm, where it returns at the end of the distilling process as cattle feed.

Their tasting room offers bottled spirits and a variety of merchandise, as well as cocktails premixed in "no touch" bottles and served with disposable cups and ice. Click here to learn more about planning a visit.

And, for a limited time, you can get 50 percent off gift cards to Harmony Spirits! The gift cards are good for merchandise, drinks and more at the tasting room.