Have you seen the Red Ball Project in Rochester yet? Today marks its third location here in the Med City-- this time (Monday), you'll find it on the Annenberg Plaza, wedged under the Mayo Building.

The Red Ball Project, created by New York artist Kurt Perschke, made its debut in Rochester Saturday at the Rochester Art Center.

My wife and I accidentally ran into the Big Red Ball Sunday, while we were out on a bike ride. We'd taken the Cascade Lake Trail downtown and then joined the Silver Lake Trail. As were were heading back, we took the trail that loops around the Civic Center and runs along the Zumbro River. Sure enough, right there along the trail near Government Center, there it was. (I, of course, had forgotten just where it was going to be Sunday.)

It's big, alright. And red. While we rode by, there were several folks lined up, taking selfies with the Ball in the background. A few people went up to it and pretended they were holding it. Others just stood back and observed it, not sure exactly what it was.

While it's kind of cool to see, it almost looked to me like it might have been a sponsor tie-in with Minnesota's own Target-- thinking it looked like a bigger version of those red concrete spheres that sit in front of the doors at most Target stores.

It does make for some interesting photos, though. In case you're curious, you can check out the rest of the Red Ball Project's appearances in Rochester this week HERE.