We told you last weekend about a post that was featured on Herberger's website that created some buzz as it appeared the bankrupt store might be on the way back. Well, now we have some more details about what that post was all about. 

Image Credit: Herbergers.com Screen Grab
Image Credit: Herbergers.com Screen Grab

The new owner of Bon Ton Stores Inc. which owned the brand Herberger's and several other retailers, is CSC Generation, according to this article by the Journal Sentinal.

CSC Generations website, says the company is a "multi-brand technology platform that is saving companies from Amazon," suggesting that any possible future for the Herberger's brand will likely be online only.

However, that same article from the Journal Sentinal states that CSC is "also in advanced discussions with landlords about reopening stores in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.''

This just means that if the Herberger's store brand comes back, it won't be in the state that it got its start, having first opened in Osakis, Minnesota in 1927.

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