While most of southeast Minnesota was blanketed by nearly a foot of snow on Friday, some parts of our state didn't even see one snowflake. And the resulting map is pretty striking.

Thanks to the gang over at the National Weather Service La Crosse office (and some impressive satellite imagery) we can see exactly where all that snow fell on Friday.

I can tell you that at our place, I moved about 11 inches of that wet, heavy snow off our driveway Friday afternoon. Including a couple of times after the plows came through. However, I noted that several friends who live up in the Twin Cities said they didn't get any snow at all.

And some of them seemed a little annoyed that the storm tracked further south than forecasters had initially thought it might. (I kept telling them I had about a foot of snow on our driveway they could have, but nobody took me up on the offer...)

It is rather unusual, though, to see such a stark difference between the areas of Minnesota that received snow Friday and those that didn't, like in the Twin Cities. I'm guessing our warm spell last week that melted all the snow makes this image look even more dramatic. Check it out...

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