Did you know that National Gourmet Coffee Day was this week? Indeed it was-- and here's how I celebrated the big day.


Now, it actually was a bit of a coincidence-- although I'm choosing to look at it as fate intervening-- but as I was out running a few errands Tuesday, I happened to notice that the Caribou Coffee at Hy-Vee Barlow still had some of their Mint Chocolate Thrill in stock.

I was first introduced to Mint Chocolate Thrill last year. My wife, knowing how much of a geek I am for all things both mint and chocolate, bought me a bag just after Thanksgiving. So now I always think of it as one of the special food or drinks you only get to enjoy during the holidays.

But, not wanting to overdose on it, by having it too much, I resisted buying another bag; I didn't want to hoard several bags and still be drinking it well into the spring. My thinking was, even though I like it, if I have it too much, then it won't be special when it's out during the holiday season again later this year.

However, when I saw those few remaining bags still on-sale, I knew it must have been fate that brought me to them! So, I bought one, and am now set with the goodness that is Mint Chocolate Thrill.

And, it all happened on Gourmet Coffee Day too. (With that luck, I probably should have bought a Powerball ticket...)

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