If you check the calendar, you'll see Friday is officially the first day of fall, but Mother Nature apparently didn't get the memo here in southeast Minnesota.


Even though it technically will be officially fall tomorrow, according to the calendar (the autumnal equinox occurs at 3:02 p.m.), various meteorologists point out that 'meteorological fall' actually started almost three weeks ago on September 1st. (They think of 'fall' as September, October and November.)

But it looks like nobody bothered to tell Mother Nature. Because completely NOT fall-like hot and humid weather is set to return to our neck of the woods today and tomorrow. In fact, according to ABC-6 meteorologist Cindy Morgan, we'll be close to breaking a few record high temperatures the next few days.

And, fellow ABC-6 meteorologist Chris Kuball pointed out that as of last week (so not even counting the warm weather we'll be experience today and tomorrow), southeast Minnesota already DOUBLED the amount of 80-degree days here in September compared to August. (We only had 3 in August, and we've already had 6 here in September!)

So, yeah, it HAS been warm. Hot, even. And, if you're like me, even though you're looking forward to more of those cool fall temps, you'll enjoy this extra gasp of summer weather-- because we know a long, cold Minnesota winter is right around the corner!


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