Getting a ticket for speeding in Minnesota can be expensive-- not only from the fines you have to pay, but did you know you'll probably also see your insurance costs go up?


That's right. If you have a lead foot, put the pedal to the medal, and get pulled over for speeding, get ready to fork over more for you car insurance.

According to this Star-Tribune story, if you're busted for speeding here in Minnesota, you'll probably see your car insurance increase by about 14-percent.

And, if you get arrested for a DWI, get ready to see your insurance rates jump up about 29-percent.

Both of those figures are just averages, of course, so your own costs may be different. And, of course, that doesn't add in the cost of the ticket, either.

Here's how it breaks down: "A Minnesota driver with a clean record pays about $1,330 a year for car insurance, according to the website's analysis. Add in just one speeding ticket and the rate goes up to $1,455. A DWI will push the rate to $1,713," the story noted.

Now, those increases aren't necessarily automatic, the story said, but you'll no doubt see the increase the next time you have to renew your policy.

Yikes.  I think I'll slow down the next time I'm flying down Highway-52!

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