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Did you know your Christmas lights are recyclable? It's true! Rochester Public Utilities  your old Christmas lights and even has a program all set up just. For. You.

Recycle any and all of your old holiday lighting between now and Friday, January 29, 2021. Just drop your old lighting strands off at the RPU Service Center (4000 East River Road NE). The recycle bins are right inside our lobby. (source)

A lot of people put their lights up early, so if you have old lights sitting there, mocking you every time you get into the car, do something about it that won't cost you thing.

What can you turn in under this RPU program?

  • Holiday Lights – incandescent or LED (working or non-working)
  • Holiday Light Decorations

What can't you turn in?

  • Appliance Cords
  • Battery Packs
  • CFL Lights (Compact fluorescent lamps)
  • Cord Adaptors
  • Electric Cords
  • Plastic Rope Lights
  • Telephone Cords

Do you have a great looking light display (at work or at home)? You can win $1,000 just by sending us a picture of the display! Just click HERE to enter the Light Up Southeast Minnesota contest with Metronet! 

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