If you're like me, the laundry probably isn't one of those chores you look forward to doing. So just how long do you wait before you wash your jeans, sheets and towels here in Minnesota?


Well, thanks to the gang at Buzzfeed, we now have an idea of what our fellow Minnesotans do when it comes to doing the laundry.

According to their survey, when it comes to washing our jeans, most of us (44%) wash them once a week; and 28% of us wash them around once a month; 18% will wait until we get a stain on them (yikes!). I'd pretty much be in that 28% that washes them once a month, or maybe every couple of weeks.

What about your sheets? According to Buzzfeed, here in Minnesota, most people (44%) tend to wash our bed sheets every one or two weeks; 35% say we wash our sheets only once a month; meanwhile, 21% say they just keep on using them, and only toss them in the laundry when they're repulsive (ugh!)

We split our laundry chores up, but I usually change our sheets (we have two sets we rotate, so I don't have to wait until the laundry's done to make the bed) around once a week.

And how about those towels? How often do you toss those in the wash? Well, this survey says most of us (43%) say we wash them once a week. That's what we do. 9% say they wash them after every use (yikes-- that's a lot a washing!), while 15% say they wash them whenever they get around to it.


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