The clouds and/or thunderstorms in the forecast might make it tough to see, but here's all the info you need to know about today's big solar eclipse from right here in Rochester.


Now, while we're not in... The Path of Totality!... (which is what scientists are called that path of the eclipse where the moon will totally block out the sun, but I think it sounds more like a grunge-era band from the early 90's), we'll still see some effects of the solar eclipse.

According to this handy guide from the gang over at, the eclipse will start here in Rochester at about 11:45 am. That's when things should-- should, that is-- start to get darker. At exactly 1:08:43 pm CDT, according to Vox, the moon is set to obscure 85.3% of the sun here in the Med City, with things returning to normal again at 2:32 pm.

It's a little late, but if you want to see the entire eclipse from... The Path of Totality!... you'll need to jump in the car and head south about 287 miles.

Either way, though, it's important to remember  t’s not safe to stare directly into the sun without special Solar Eclipse viewing glasses! (Or, use these three DIY ways to check it out safely without glasses.)

And, if you want to skip things entirely, don't worry-- another solar eclipse is set to appear across parts of the U.S. again in 2024.

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