We took down all our holiday decorations yesterday and it got me wondering, just when does everybody else put away their holiday stuff?

Discarded Christmas Trees Await Collection From City For Mulching
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Most years, we like to keep our Christmas tree and holiday decorations up through at least New Year's Day. My reasoning is that the "holiday season," still runs through New Year's Day (it IS a federal holiday, after all).

But the day after that, on January 2nd most years (although it was January 3rd this year, thanks to the New Years Day being on a Sunday), we're usually busy taking the tree outside and packing up all those lovely holiday displays for another year.

Taking them down, though, always makes me a little melancholy. I think back to when we picked out our tree in November and remember how excited I am for the holidays to get here-- the anticipation of all the holiday traditions, the getting together with friends and family-- and it always seems sad that now they're over and done with until next November. And while I hate to see the holidays go, seeing those twinkling lights well after the first of the year almost makes me even more sad in a way.

So, yesterday felt like the right time to finally take things down and put them away. And it seems I'm not alone.  According to various posts on the Quick Country 96.5 Facebook page, the earliest date some folks take their tree down was December 26th (which seems a bit early to me); while the latest date was January 6th (which seems a wee bit late for my liking).

Of course, there really isn't a 'wrong' date, though. When do you take your Christmas tree down?


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