There have been some pretty close calls in Minnesota when it comes to traffic stopping for school buses, but none as close as this!


First off, there were luckily no injuries involved in this video that ABC News first shared on their Facebook page earlier this week. And, no, it didn't take place here in Minnesota-- though, we DO have a lot of Norwegians living here.

It's actually video taken from a two-lane highway in Norway, and involves kids getting off the school bus and trying to make their way across the highway to the other side.

It's amazing no one was hurt! But there's one big factor involved in the video that wouldn't happen here in Minnesota: The kids get off the school bus (which, in Norway, must be green, not our familiar black and yellow) and then try to cross the highway BEHIND the bus. Thankfully, that wouldn't happen here (I hope!).

Secondly, after the kids get off, the bus just drives away, leaving the kids to try to cross what looks like a pretty busy two-lane highway without any help. Yikes. That normally wouldn't happen here in Minnesota, either. (Again, I hope!) Check it out...

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