A long, cold Minnesota winter is sometimes enough to give anyone a case of the blues, right? But here's why the streets and roads in the Med City might have a distinctly blue tint to them.

Our February thaw Wednesday did a lot to melt the snow that had been accumulating on most residential streets in Rochester. But with more snow in undoubtedly in the forecast yet this winter, you might note that the road in front of your house in the Med City could be a shade of blue.

According to a post on the city of Rochester's Facebook page, it's all because of the salt city crews have been using to melt the ice and snow this season.

"A new vendor provided the salt this year and they use a blue dye in their product to help customers prevent overuse,"  the post noted. "Feedback from our teammates who operate the plows have found the blue salt is another helpful tool for knowing where salt has been applied so they don’t over treat an area or accidentally scrape it off before it has worked," the post when on to say.

While I haven't noticed any blue salt in my neck of the woods, I do think it's a pretty cool idea. I'm grateful for the job salt does in clearing the road, but it sure builds up on cars, our garage floor, and other areas-- like my jacket or jeans when I unknowingly brush against my SUV. So anyway to cut down on its use works for me!

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