While it had threatened to take Minnesota to court a few days ago, this Indiana city now says it's NOT going to sue us after all.

We've all had a LOT to worry about over the past few weeks and months here in Minnesota, what with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the injustice over the death of George Floyd, and the violence, looting and arson that broke out in the aftermath of that horrific event.

But here's ONE thing we no longer have to worry about: The city of Carmel, Indiana no longer says it's going to file a lawsuit against Minnesota. More specifically, Carmel isn't going to sue Minneapolis. (Can you even DO that?!?)

Here's the deal: According to this Indianapolis Star story, it seems that Jim Brainerd-- the mayor of Carmel, Indiana (which is a suburb north of Indianapolis, and home to 100,000 mainly good-hearted Indianans) had said publically a few days ago that he wanted to sue the city of Minneapolis over the ongoing costs that Carmel and other cities have sustained of responding to the resulting riots and looting following protests over the officer-involved killing of George Floyd here in Minnesota.

"My intent was to send a message that their negligence cost many lives and millions in property damage across the country," Brainard said in a statement in this IndyStar.com story. "America has a long history of correcting behavior through the legal system and I felt this would be another opportunity to do so," the story noted.

He even went so far as to 'retain legal counsel' to pursue the matter against Minnesota in court. But hold up-- apparently Mayor Brainerd has thought twice about suing the North Star State. Because the story says that as of Monday night, he's "put those plans on hold."

Whew! I mean, things were already on shaky ground, financially speaking, here in Minnesota, with state leaders having said earlier this year we're running a 2.42 billion dollar deficit due mainly to the coronavirus shutdown. I'm glad we won't also have to pay some high-priced lawyers to defend the Gopher State in court. (And, yes, I'm being facetious here because I'm guessing a frivolous lawsuit like that wouldn't have made it very far in court anyway... I hope.)

Here's an idea: Maybe Mayor Brainerd would like to face-off against Minnesota on one of those TV court shows like Judge Judy. Or, better yet, how about Mayor Brainerd and his crew from Carmel lace up the skates and face us on the hockey rink? We'd win that one hands down, right?

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