I knew it was expensive to have a child, that's a given. The giant hospital bill, all the gear you need, the seemingly endless supply of diapers, daycare and so on. But, I have to be real, I never expected it to be this much! Nor did I expect Minnesota to be one of the most expensive states for new mom's. Good thing there are studies like this to remind us, huh? (if I had a font for sarcasm, I'd be using it in full force here).

Fun fact, the US is the most expensive country to give birth in - whammy number one. Whammy number two, Minnesota is well above the average when it comes to your "admission to the parenthood club." In the first year, Minnesota moms can expect to pay more than $21,000. WHAT?! Can I just mention how it's thousands of dollars cheaper to have a baby in Hawaii? Just sayin'.

Minnesota was 6th on the list of most expensive places in the US, not far behind the top 5. The most expensive place was Washington D.C. where it'll cost you a cool $29,355 that first year...

Thank you Move.Org for the serious dose of birth control! Jokes. If you know a new mom, buy her a bottle of wine or something. Sounds like she could use it!

Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous mama's out there! 


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