We all like to whine about the state of our roads and highways, but it looks like things aren't as bad here in Minnesota as they are in some other states.

A new survey from the crew over at QuoteWizzard has just ranked the condition of roads and highways across all 50 states and ranked them according to which state's roads are in the worst shape.

To come up with the list, QuoteWizzard said they considered several different factors, and "analyzed Federal Highway Administration data to rank states on overall quality of road infrastructure. Rankings are a composite score based on a state’s rating in: percentage of poor condition roads, annual cost per motorist due to roads in need of repair, and percentage of structurally deficient bridges," the study said.

And good news-- Minnesota's roads aren't the worst. In fact, far from it, actually. According to the survey, we're ranked 34th out of 50 on the list of states with the worst roads. The survey said only 15 percent of Minnesota roads are in poor condition which costs an annual $542 per driver to maintain.

That's a far cry from Rhode Island, which came in first on the list and takes the dubious title of having the roads and highways that are in the worst shape. Meanwhile, the roads over in my home state of Wisconsin are in worse shape than Minnesota's, too-- coming in ranked at number 11. Even our neighbors to the south in Iowa have worse roads than us too, coming in at number 29. Tennessee came in at number 50, and takes the title of having the nation's best roads.

So, while there are always going to be roads that need repair, our roads and highways aren't as bad as you might think here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. You can read the entire survey HERE.

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