According to NBC News, "Since the fires started spreading on Nov. 8, the blazes have burned more than 240,000 acres, which is 386 square miles. Two blazes, the Camp Fire in Northern California and the Woolsey Fire near Los Angeles, have each claimed an area larger than Washington, DC."

So far 56 people have died in Northern California's Camp Fire, and over 290 are missing.

The other day I tried to help you imagine the enormity of the fire by showing you a picture my brother took from his front porch in Los Angeles (see it here). but this blows that out of the water. It is an interactive map that lets you compare any town to the size of the fires. For example...the Camp Fire and Rochester, MN.

nteractive: Jeremia Kimelman & Joe Murphy / NBC News CLICK FOR LINK

Pretty sobering, right? Click the picture if you want to compare where you live to any of the three fires.

NBC has powerful images on their website...see them here.

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