It's not something you see every day inside your gas fireplace, yet we found an interesting visitor in ours Friday morning.


My wife, Katie, texted me this photo of a lovely amphibian visitor (it's either a frog or a toad, we can't quite tell), who'd somehow made his (or her?) way into our fireplace Friday morning.

I'd turned the gas pilot light off earlier this spring when it finally warmed up, so there's no threat of roasted frogs legs-- or frog torso-- in our fireplace right now.

It was actually one of our cats, Finn, who was strangely intrigued by what was going on inside the fireplace Friday morning that tipped us off that something was amiss. When our other cat, Huck, also couldn't stop looking at the fireplace-- which they both don't usually do-- that's when we noticed the frog, perched right in front.

Being that I was already here at the station, and my wife had to head to work, we let said frog where it was until I got home and could open the fireplace up and relocate our visitor. But-- and here's the strangest part of this story-- when I got home early Friday afternoon and went to take the fireplace apart, the frog... was gone. Not a trace of him anywhere.

Which, of course, begs the questions: How did he get in, where did he go, and how did he get back out again?!? There's someplace, somewhere in our fireplace set-up that allowed him to get in-- and possibly back out again-- but, seeing as I'm no fireplace expert, I have no idea where it might be.

Have you ever had a critter get inside YOUR fireplace?

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