Tuesday, October 29the, 2019 is going to be a historical day when it comes to college sports! The NCAA announced that they are going to allow universities and colleges to pay their players for the likeness.

According to CBS News, the schools can now allow athletes to get agents and accept endorsements for the use of their name, picture or likeness. The article says that the NCAA has asked that all divisions (DI, DII, and DII) come up with a set of bylaws for their division by January 2021. This way it is an even playing field for everyone involved. The article says that California's decision to allow players to get paid did influence the movement. NCAA officials also took into consideration the price to attend college and what is asked of the athletes.

So what does this mean? Well if the Gophers uses an athlete's name on a jersey, the athlete is now allowed to take a cut of what they make off the sale of each jersey. Let's say the school wants to put Goher holder Casey O'Brian in a commercial, he could now ask for money to do so. Another area that is going to make it super complicated is athletes can have agents. This not only gives these athletes the opportunity to go to the next level, but it also means there is going to be one more person the coaches have to worry about lobbing for playing time. The crazy thing is not only are major universities going to have to come up with new plans, junior Colleges and community colleges that have sports are also going to have the same growing pains to work through. These are just theories about how college sports are going to be impacted. We won't know until the bylaws are created. I could have totally missed the target on this one!

The fun is just beginning. The next 14 months the powers to be are going to wrap their minds around the idea and create a plan of action to pay college athletes. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of meetings and conferences before anything is made public. I was apart of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee when I was a college athlete. I set in on NCAA conference calls all the time and we discussed the possibility of this happening and its kind of excited to see it finally going into action. The world of college sports will no longer be what we have known it to be!


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