A family in Illinois stopped at a local cemetery to visit a relative's gravesite when they found something that was quite disturbing.

Bones Discovered At Illinois Cemetery

I don't care if you're visiting a cemetery on the most beautiful and perfect day of the year because it's still going to feel creepy. There's nothing anyone can do about it. A place where a bunch of dead bodies are buried can't help but have a strange vibe to it.

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I think the biggest fear for anyone spending time in a graveyard is zombies. Okay, I'm just kidding. It's really finding something that you shouldn't. Your imagination will run wild with scary ideas.

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I don't think you could predict what happened to this poor family in Illinois when they stopped at a local cemetery to pay respects to a lost loved one. Unfortunately, I believe this incident will give these people nightmares for a while.

John Roman

The witnesses live in Chicago but were n Alsip to visit Burr Oak Cemetery where a loved one was just recently buried. They had trouble finding the gravesite of their relative so they had the wander around the grounds. That's when they made a shocking discovery.

As this Illinois family was taking a walk around the cemetery, they got a scary surprise. They found human remains lying near one of the graves. The people discover a jawbone and teeth. They were so freaked out that they called the local police immediately.

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The area police believe the bones were from a past crime. Scammers were removing dead bodies from their graves and then reselling the plots to unexpecting victims. That's just sad and wrong. The officers will conduct an investigation but this looks like a pretty short and easy case to wrap up quickly.

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