Any dog owner (and pets in general) has been there: you just get home with your favorite fast food meal, open the bag, are just about to dig in...when you notice your bud giving you The Eyes. You know The Eyes.

"The Eyes" (BURGER KING via YouTube)
"The Eyes" (BURGER KING via YouTube)

Pack your bags, cuz we're going on a guilt trip!

Burger King is here to help, but you do have to do a little work first.

Introducing The Dogpper. Consisting of "oat flour, brown rice flour, beef, cheddar cheese, eggs and sesame seeds", it's a treat for your best friend while you treat yourself.

Just order a Whopper through the DoorDash app, and they'll include a Dogpper with your order. Unfortunately, DoorDash doesn't deliver in SE Minnesota...but they DO deliver in Minneapolis! So make sure to let your Big City friends know that they had BETTER treat their pets, as the promotion ends December 4th.

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