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If you're a single Minnesotan or maybe you're just looking for an entertaining way to spend some free time, I've got just the thing: a date with a cow! A dairy company out of New Hampshire called Stonyfield has put together this very unique Valentine's Day gift called the 'Date w/ a Cow' package. The best part of it though is that proceeds are donated to an organization called Wolfe's Neck Center.

If you love cows (or just animals in general) this would be an awesome gift! In this 'Date w/ a Cow' package, ABC News says you get a 15-minute Zoom call with one of Stonyfield's cows and you get a stuffed animal cow sent to you in the mail. This is such a funny and good idea! It's a great way to raise money for a good cause too.

I mentioned earlier that all proceeds will be donated to Wolfe's Neck Center. They're an organization that helps organic dairy farmers. They say on their website, "Wolfe's Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment is on a mission to transform our relationship with farming and food for a healthier planet."

I'm sad to say that when I went to the website where you buy the 'Date w/ a Cow' package they have a message up that says they are sold out right now. But there's good news! They say that they're working on setting up more Zoom calls with their cows. If you go HERE, you can sign up for their email list so you know when they have more dates with cows available. It might not be in time for Valentine's Day but one day you'll fulfill your dream of going on a (virtual) date with a cow!

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