Allow me to be the first to wish you a very happy Send A Card To A Friend Day. Sending cards-- and by cards, I mean the old fashioned, paper cards you mail to someone-- seems to be getting more and more rare. But allow me, also, to show you how NOT to send a card.

This happened to me back when I was living back in Wisconsin, and I routinely went to a local grocery store there that had a really nice greeting card section. Seeing as this was probably 10 years ago, sending an actual card through the mail was something I seemed to do more often than we do these days.

It just so happened that same store also sold postage stamps at its customer service window and featured a local post office station. So, to save time one day while I had stopped in to mail a card to my mom for Mother's Day, I picked out the card and promptly headed to the customer service window.

I signed the card and addressed the envelope while I waited to buy my stamp. Then, I promptly affixed the stamp to the card, tossed it in the out-going mail bin and walked out of the store, happy I'd gotten a card in the mail in time for mom to get it for Mother's Day.

It wasn't until I was about halfway home that it dawned on me: I had never actually PAID for the card-- I went right from the card section to the customer service window to get a stamp, and never went through check out aisle.

I felt so horrible, I went back and wanted to even up with the store for my mistake. Not being able to find the card, though, as it was already in the mail, the store manager just laughed and thanked me for being so honest. (The card probably cost about $4, so it wasn't a huge amount, but still...)

But that's how NOT to celebrate Send A Card To A Friend Day, right?!?

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