After the NFC Championship Game a few weeks ago in Philadelphia, we'd heard horror stories of how rude some Eagles fans were and how poorly they treated visiting Vikings fans. According to most reports, though, most Eagles fans in Minnesota Sunday were fairly well behaved. Except for this guy, that is.

Check out the pictures of what one notorious Eagles fan did on his way out of Minnesota's own U.S. Bank Stadium, home, of course, to Super Bowl LII. It wasn't enough that his team finally won the Lombardi Trophy and that he traveled from the City of Brotherly Love (though, does anybody know why that is Philadelphia's slogan?!? Some of their fans certainly don't embody THAT, do they?!?) to witness his team beat the Patriots.

No, he had to have a souvenir of his time here in the Bold North. And, not content to buy an official Bold North hat, or maybe a Super Bowl LII T-shirt or heck, even the commemorative cup you could buy a beer in at the stadium, no, this guy decides to do something else: Like remove the very seat for which he bought a ticket and try to take it with him. That's right, he removed the purple seat from the row at U.S. Bank Stadium and tried to steal it!

Hey, moron, if you want to destroy your own city to 'celebrate' your team winning their first NFL championship (as some fans did back in Philadelphia Sunday night), that's your business. But don't be vandalizing our shiny, new billion dollar stadium on your way back home. (And, I'm hoping a Minnesota police officer explained that to him as they were arresting him.)

Way to keep it classy, Philly fans.

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