It’s great that Rochester finally has ride share services like Uber and Lyft, because it’s never been easier to order a cab in those situations where you don’t want to (or shouldn’t) drive. Even local cab companies have their own apps now. But as with any business, there are some individual bag eggs out there. That’s why I thought I’d share a few tips that Thrillist put together on how to avoid getting scammed by your cab driver.

  1. Asking For Extra Cash

This happens when your driver demands extra cash on top of your fare – usually for something like an “airport fee”. If you ordered your taxi through an app, a driver should never ask for cash. You can explain that to your driver by showing the breakdown of the trip on your app. Don’t give him your credit card, either.

  1. They Keep The Meter Running After They Drop You Off

If they drop you off but keep the meter running until they get home, the cost of your trip could be substantially higher. Before you leave your ride, make sure the trip has officially ended on your app.

  1. The Stealth Upgrade

If you order an UberX for you and some buddies, pay attention to the capacity of the car you’re ordering. You can be charged more if it holds 4, but you have 5 buddies jumping in the car. But some shady drivers might show up with a larger “UberXL” vehicle regardless, which could double the cost of your ride. If that happens, you can protest the upgrade and explain what happened to the company. If you think this might have happened while you’re on your route, slyly take photos inside the car for proof.

  1. The Re-Request

If you get into the car and the driver asks you to re-request the ride due to the app “messing up,” you might notice that the fare has somehow skyrocketed due to surge pricing. Don’t re-request the ride; instead, look at the app yourself to make sure that nothing went wrong. If your app is looking fine, explain that to your driver and ask to see his phone. You might want to take a screenshot of your fare as soon as you order a ride for extra proof.

The full article is worth checking out for a few more tips, but the bottom line? Use common sense. A little paranoia just might save you some cash!

Source: Thrillist

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