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Deer Hunting season is here and that means more dear will be running out of the woods and onto Southeastern Minnesota's streets, highways, and interstates. Oh, county roads, dusty roads, and backroads. Basically, if you're driving at all, be on the lookout for deer.

Is it as simple as "slow down and watch out for deer?" Yes and no. Obviously, you need to be scanning for deer while ALSO watching for all the normal stuff while you're driving. But also, be aware of where you are. 

Where you are, the location, the curves in the street, all of that, are important. The biggest thing might be you slowing down a lot more than usual. If you come across a frightened deer, they're darting out in to the way of your car, truck, motorcycle, or even bicycle, to get away from the hunters. They're not thinking, "Look both ways before you cross."

I put together this handy little gallery. Feel free to copy the link up top and share 'em with your friends and family that need the info. Especially people you know that have never encountered deer PLUS icy roads.


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